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Felcsuti László
Hegedűs Péter
Péter Hegedűs
chief design architect
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In my opinion, the well functioning building proceeds from the people using it. Therefore I strive to create a thoroughly considered functionality based on ergonomics, starting from the habits and customs of the users. An architect should approach each task humbly, respecting the intention of the client. I endeavour to form space according to the life-style of the users. An essential criterion for a well designed building is the perspicuous system of space, which is a prerequisite for the self-confidence of its dwellers.

While shaping the appearance of a building, instead of wanton formalism I try to create an expressive, pleasantly surprising sight that originates from function. I hope that my buildings are at the same time traditional, modern, and lasting. I consider it important that the building`s structure, its technological background should preserve the created value for a long time, so that the building should age slowly and smoothly. Thus, the building becomes part of the space-time continuum.

Peter and I respond to the phenomena of the external world alike, we form similar judgements on styles, our approach to the profession is the same. Honesty towards our clients and our colleagues is of prime importance to the both of us, as well as placing man in the centre of architecture. However, our buildings are different, since - according to our principles - each project can only have one chief design architect. Thus, the buildings exhibit the characteristics of the chief design architect`s work, and the high standard of quality guaranteed by our company, at the same time.
Felcsuti László
Architecture is the creative satisfaction of human need for space, it is more than a well-functioning building. The people using the interior and exterior space are most important for me, those who can obtain an intellectual experience from the the building, those who discover, understand, or at least feel the system of thoughts conveyed by the building.

The design process of the Szabó Ervin Library is a good example for this, I thought over who would come here, with what purpose, and how would they feel comfortable. I tried out all the rooms, deciding how rigid or cosy, how rambling or perspicuous they should be. Today, it is nice to see how visitors discover the potentials, how they decipher the architecturally coded messages, and that they use the building the way I imagined.

I like to work with durable and reliable materials, avoiding the quickly dating architectural fashion. I attempt to create a seemingly matter-of-course simplicity that appears natural. To achieve this "clear" state is a real architectural challenge.

The architect spends other people`s money, shapes their environment for decades, influences their lives. Thus, his responsibility is great, because it matters a good deal whether his work is mediocre average or advances the development of its environment, forms the tastes and opinions of its users, and becomes a part of our culture.
Hegedűs Péter
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