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1997  BudapestHungarian College of Fine Arts, "strawberry garden"
 1996  Budapest Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library - Main Music Collection and offices
 1996  Budapest TRILAK - HAERING Paint Factory - product repository, shop, office
1995  BudapestDetached house with two flats
 1995  Veszprém Eötvös Károly County Library
 1995  Budapest Velux Hungary's Headquarters
1995  BudapestSzabó Ervin Library's Main Library In Újpest
1994  GyulaSecondary school
1994  BudapestHungarian College of Fine Arts, dormitory
1993  BudapestDetached house
1993  BudapestTestvérhegy-Törökkő area utilization proposal
1993  KiskunhalasSecondary school
1992  BudapestMotorcycle sales
1992  BalassagyarmatCounty court-house
1990  BudapestÚjlak II. - utilization of a brickworks area
 1990  Barcs Fire station with 6 stands
1989  BudapestResidential area with detached houses
1989  41. km of M1 highwayInternational parking area for trucks
1988  BudapestHungarian College of Fine Arts
1988  BudaörsSzikla Motel
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