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2001  BudapestSewage farm
2001  BudapestRemodelling of a detached house
2001  BudapestDetached house
2000  KecskemétExtension of the Bozsó Collection
2000  BudapestBuilding a loft apartment in a block
2000  D-VillingenRemodelling of a detached house
2000  D-VillingenRebuilding of the under-pass in a railway station
2000  D-VillingenConversion of flats in a block
1999  BudapestPrivate kindergarten
1998  BudapestParish and community centre
1995  MiskolcPension Insurance Directorate
1995  KalocsaRemodelling of a detached house
1994  BudapestRemodelling of the LINDNER office building
1994  HollókőCastle reconstruction, last stage
1994  BudapestBlock of flats
1993  CserhátsurányDetached house
1985  DobogókőHotel extension and new conference centre
1985  Győr-MénfőcsanakA housing estate of 100 flats in row-houses
1984  SarkadCity library of Sarkad
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