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The founding of a co-operative society in 1985 required at least fifteen people, so there were not only architects, but also specialist engineers among the members. Meanwhile, the latter set up their own companies as well, but still retained their membership in MATESZ. Even today, they provide a safe background for our work, as we can rely on them as professional and business partners. We are contracted with almost forty specialist engineers and experts, and employ them according to the scale and complexity of each project.
Interior design
F+F Műterem Bt.
1037 Budapest, Erdőalja út 75/b
tel.: 209-1207
Földes Zsuzsa
  Qualified interior designer (Hungarian College of Applied Arts)
MI Művészi Instrukció Bt.
1011 Budapest, Bécsikapu tér
tel.: 209-1207
Hefkó Mihály
  Ybl prize winner interior designer (degree from Hungarian College of Applied Arts)
Electrical engineering
Budapest, III. Kiscelli u. 12. VII. 21.
tel.: 209-1207
Bogár Péter Istvánné
  Qualified electrical engineer, senior electrical engineer, fire protection engineer, founding member of MATESZ
Building engineering
Kovács Pál és Társa
1037 Budapest, Folyóka u. 22.
tel.: 209-1207
Kovács Pál
  Qualified mechanical engineer, senior building engineer, founding member of MATESZ
Battai Tibor Épületgépészeti Mérnökirodája Kft.
1181 Budapest, Havanna u. 27.
tel.: 209-1207
Battai Tibor
  Qualified mechanical engineer, senior building engineer
Structural engineering
Statikus Stúdió '93
1125 Budapest, Sárospatak u. 17.
tel.: 209-1207
Zámbó Ernô
  Qualified civil engineer, qualified structural steel engineer, building expert, senior structural engineer, founding member of MATESZ
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