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ground floor plan
first floor plan
 architects` note:
Designing the library, we tried to decide whether it would be possible to expand the building in such a way that it should meet all the current requirements of a modern library, as well as all the future requirements that can be forecasted, and at the same time retain its original atmosphere. We meant to turn it into a significant meeting-place of the city, that could house exhibitions, readings, and other cultural events. Naturally, due to its primary function, it should become an integral part of education, and its facilities (computers, Internet access) could provide an ideal environment for modern research work. The planned library would be able to stock 416100 volumes.
  the building`s name: Gyula Illyés County Library
  location:   Szekszárd, Széchenyi utca 51.
  year of planning: 1997  
 architect chief design architect  Péter Hegedűs, MATESZ
architect  Csaba Vargacz, MATESZ
  MATESZ`s role:   invited competition
  building data

cultural inst.

 gross floor-space:  sqm 4820
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