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 architects` note:
The old fire station on Üllői road stood on the edge of a run-down block that comprised industrial areas and detached houses as well. The old building, which had a mansard and a tower, was integrated into the new one. We expanded the old building with a new wing, which comprises the store-room, the news-room and the firefighters`restrooms. The long, new building is joined to the higher original building by a raised part. The typical materials used are ashlar brick, tile, artificial stone. The furniture of the canteen, the public rooms, and the bedrooms were specifically designed for the particular functions.
  the building`s name: Fire station of the 18th and 19th districts
  location:   Budapest, Üllői út
  year of planning: 1986  
 year of building: 1988  
 architect chief design architect  Judit Hendel
  László Felcsuti, MATESZ
architect  Péter Hegedűs, MATESZ
interior designer  Péter Hegedűs, MATESZ
  MATESZ`s role:   general planning
  building data

fire stations

 gross floor-space:  sqm 4880
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