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 architects` note:
Winner of the first prize in the first Home of the Year competition

Our aim was that the simply but gallantly designed building should fit into its environment, and the building line of the neighbouring houses. We endeavoured to create a perspicuous space that would emphasize the unity of the garden and the room, and as a metaphor for family life, it would accommodate the various functions overlapping in time and space without compromise. The rooms of the pillared building can attend to more than one function at a time, and also can embrace the habits of the dwellers. Throughout the years, the rooms can be accomodated to the changes in the constitution of the family. We used traditional building materials: brick, wood, tile, strip floor.
  the building`s name: Detached house with two flats
  location:   Budapest, III. Erdőalja út
  year of planning: 1980  
 year of building: 1983  
 architect chief design architect  László Felcsuti, MATESZ
interior designer  Zsuzsa Földes
  MATESZ`s role:   non-MATESZ
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 gross floor-space:  sqm 180
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