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 architects` note:
The building is located in the centre of the city, on the western side of Erzsébet square.

The two-storied building blots out the neighbouring railway station, but not the picturesque hills in the west of the city. On the ground floor there are various retail units, the service industry units are located on the upper floor. The facade of the building is purely functional: benches, shop windows, advertising surfaces. The only decorative elements are the bolsters of the flower-stands.
  the building`s name: Commercial establishment
  location:   Salgótarján, Erzsébet tér
  year of planning: 1986  
 year of building: 1986  
 architect chief design architect  László Felcsuti, MATESZ
architect  Károly Balázs
  MATESZ`s role:   general planning
  building data

commercial establ.

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