MATESZ  • H-1026 Budapest, Torockó u. 3. phone: 3753-019, 3567-532 telefax: 3567-532 email:
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 main activities:
 complex planning of buildings and their environment
 building refurbishment
 urban design, regulatory plans
We founded MATESZ as a co-operative society, and a hundred percent private enterprise, in December 1985. At that time, this was the only form of private partnership that was licensed to plan high-budget projects. The main motive to put up our own company was that - compared to the large (state-owned) practices - we could work more quickly and efficiently, with minor loss of energy, and within a framework that was adapted to the nature of creative, spritual work. From 11. 2007. we are Ltd.
Today we have 5 members (all of them founders) and two employees.
Our range of activity includes full planning of buildings and their environment, as well as making area development plans. We plan schools, libraries, fire stations, business-premises, storehouses, residential buildings, hotels, court-houses, and also make regulatory plans for former industrial plants, brickworks areas, and areas of other defunct institutions. In the recent years we have gathered substantial experience in planning refurbishments and providing field engineers.

  MATESZ ÉPÍTÉSZ Tervező és Szervező Kft.
 form of partnership: Ltd.
 incorporated: 1985
 headquarters: Hungary, 1037
Budapest Erdőalja út 75/b.
 telephone: +36 30 230-69-94
 CEOs: Felcsuti László
 employees: 2
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